Why Does My Golf Ball Go Right?

In this blog post we will discuss some of the potential causes and solutions for why your golf ball may be drifting to the right; from improper alignment and grip pressure to incorrect club choice.

Intro: Do you feel like your golf ball is constantly going to the right, not matter how hard you try to keep it on track? It can be incredibly frustrating, making it difficult for even experienced golfers to hit a straight shot. Thankfully, there are some adjustments that you can make in order to get back on track and start hitting those straight shots again. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into why your golf ball may be veering off course and what strategies you can implement in order to improve your game. So lace up your spikes and get ready – let’s find out why that golf ball has a mind of its own! Learn 8 Best Nike Golf Shoes

Why Does My Golf Ball Go Right?

Most golfers struggle to hit a straight ball. Commonly, new and inexperienced players tend to have the tendency of hitting fades and slices, rather than a straight shot. The main cause of this is due to incorrect swing path. 

Hitting right begins with understanding your body position at address, as well as the clubface orientation at impact. If your feet and hips are open in relation to the target line or you’re aiming too far left (for a right-handed golfer), then you can expect your shots to start left before bending further right during flight. 

Another common source of a slice is when the player fails to square up their shoulders and align them parallel with the target line; if they are pointed out to the right side at address, then the swing path will be coming from outside-in and will produce a right-moving ball. 

Finally, an open clubface can cause shots to veer off to the right. The most common culprit is a grip that’s too weak. When your grip is too loose and lefty, the result will be an open clubface at impact, which will send your ball curving right in flight. 

By understanding why your golf ball goes right and making adjustments to the fundamentals of your set up routine and swing, you can properly square yourself up with the target line and start hitting straight shots like a pro!

How Can I Fix My Golf Ball Going Right?

The first step in identifying why your golf ball is going right is to check your grip. If you have an overly strong grip on the club, it will cause your hands to rotate open at impact and send your shot off to the right. Start by adjusting your grip so that it’s just slightly stronger than neutral. This should help significantly with correcting a slice or push-slice. 

The second step is to check the lie angle of your clubs (how upright they are). The lie angle affects how high your shots fly and the direction in which they travel. If the lie angle of your clubs is too flat, this can cause balls to fly lower than normal and go right—even if you have a proper grip on the club.

Finally, adjust the loft angle of your clubs. The higher the loft angle, the more spin will be imparted onto the ball and the lower it flies, which can cause it to go right. If you’re having trouble with a slice or push-slice, try lowering your loft angle slightly to see if that helps bring your shots back to center. 

By following these tips and properly adjusting your grip, lie angle, and loft angle you should be able to fix any issues with your golf ball going right. With some practice and patience you will soon have a consistent swing that sends golf balls where you want them to go! 

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