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These are pushed to the background in chaotic energy, so our clear vision by the attention of Horus is disrupted. Caduceus Wands: showing the crimson of Mars and the winged eye of Horus. Its color is amber giving technique to the purple of Mars. Mars in Leo usually indicates someone appearing with authority and power, but in this card, to use all their resources is a very troublesome scenario, and there may now be a lack of focus and some desperation in the way by which they’re behaving. This indicates that he does not need to worry about where he is being steered because he controls his future, the same means that The Magician does. This is a period when our beliefs are being challenged, and we must carry firm in the face of opposition from others.

Gentle Venus doesn’t thrive with Mars hence the lotus are closed. Lotus Blossoms on Wands: blue supporting Venus; however, they begin to show pink under the effect of Mars. Phoenix Wands: displaying crimson of Mars at their ends. Our mars energy is just about all that keeps us going in this example; however, it can feel like we are preventing a shedding battle. While sometimes reluctant to take up the fight, you’ll feel compelled to stand up and be counted. If the nine is reversed, it might imply that you see the top but are usually not ready for it or that the end won’t be what you anticipate. WPML-ready site templates will allow you to assemble an online web page in several languages.

If you discover this card, you need to be an affected person and let everything go. This shows their diverted mind and rolled backside exhibits’ want for satisfaction is very high. I offer a spot to blog about tarot on my Tarot Topics Neighborhood Blog. This tarot card is dominated by Jupiter. Because Wands are a suit additionally with the ethics of proper residing (Three of Wands, Virtue), this card might show in studying when you find yourself in a position the place you are forced to struggle for what you firmly consider in. The Six of Swords’ underlying themes are journeying and healing. How are you balancing essential relaxation with highly effective expansion? Life Path 9’s are known for strong independence and justice-seeking tendencies, always desiring to see the larger image.

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