Many can’t live with one and very few consider them a curse of modern living. Whatever your opinion on smartphones, you’d still need to carry 26 items if one wasn’t in your bag. Smartphone technology has replaced the need to have a map, a camera and many other essentials. A smartphone is small enough to fit in your hand and light enough to carry around all of the necessary items. It also weighs less than a backpack.

It is much cheaper to purchase, use, and maintain a smartphone than to purchase all of the additional items individually. Prices for the items on this list range from affordable (buying newspapers) to expensive (buying high-quality cameras). A portable games console and an MP3 music player are two other expensive gadgets. Let’s take a look at what we would need if our smartphones suddenly vanished.

It is the most common way to disseminate (reliable and unreliable) information in a country. You would only be able to access the local newspapers and, worse, you would have no choice but to purchase it.

Cameras of high quality:
The selfie generation is here, and the smartphone would not be the same. You would need to buy a good quality camera, which can cost you thousands of dollars.

Video camera
These devices are used to record memorable events, and should be on your list of things to buy if you don’t already have a smartphone.

English dictionary:
A dictionary, for both native and non-native English speakers, is an essential item that should not be missed.

Portable game console:
Are you a gamer and don’t own a smartphone? You will need to buy a gaming console.

Address book
Yes, I do. Our default address book is our smartphone. Imagine having to buy and actually use a physical addressbook. It’s not easy, is it?

Ah! A calculator is a must-have tool for anyone. A calculator is essential for anyone who has an interest in math and money. In the event of an apocalypse involving smartphones, this is the one thing most people will carry around.

Cheque book:
Although most people have one, imagine not being capable of paying bills or transferring funds from your phone screen, all you need is a smartphone. Welcome, bank queues.

No smartphone, No texting. It would be both essential and boring to carry a pen with you everywhere you go so that you can jot down your messages.

Alarm clock
This is a must-buy for heavy sleepers and would make a smart investment.

You can watch:
Although we all have time-pieces on our left hands, if you don’t have one or don’t own a phone, you might be without a sense for tomorrow.

Smartphones are the only way to communicate far and near without them. Imagine being unreachable until your home is reached, or worse, walking around with a phone.

CDs’ and DVDs’:
No smartphones, No digital downloads. There are still plenty of compact discs for us to purchase and then throw away after we’ve seen or heard enough.

This is a must-have for all – married and single – as soon as you purchase a quality camera. It’s a shame!

MP3 player
A quality MP3 player will set you back thousands. It is essential, as we all need music to spice up our dull lives.

While this is something we don’t use with our smartphone, it might be useful for those who do not have a smartphone.

A smartphone does not mean that you cannot buy a clock, which we all have in our homes. This is to avoid being regarded as living in the future.

This could be very useful in dark situations without having a smartphone.

We would be unable to check the latest trends in every aspect of our lives without a smartphone. This means we would need to buy magazines to satisfy our ever-growing thirst for information.

Portable speakers
Purchases of DVDs, CDs, and MP3 players will most likely lead to the purchase of portable speakers. After all, for me and most people, music is nothing if it’s not loud.

Road map
If there weren’t smartphones, Google maps, GPS or satellites, it would be easy to invest in road maps while driving.

Cookery book
We love food. We love good food.

Debit cards
It is just kitchen tools and appliances worth investing in as important as the air that we breathe.

World Atlas
It would be cumbersome to carry around, but it is always fun to know all the countries and their locations.

Foreign phrasebook:
It can be difficult to learn a foreign language, but Google Translate is available on all smartphones. In the unlikely event that smartphones are not available, purchasing a foreign phrasebook is a must.

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